An exterminator is a term used to describe the exterminator who works with a particular species of animal. An exterminator has the diverse and at times humorous job of eliminating insects, roaches, rodents, mosquitoes, ants, wasps, or any number of other creatures that are considered vermin. They may be self-employed, work for large companies that do extensive pest management for government facilities, school facilities and even food processing companies. They often work with a team to eliminate the pests and restore order. They use different methods to exterminate their pests; some use chemicals, some elect to flood their home to get rid of roaches, and some elect to use traps to catch and kill the roaches.

Exterminators have been working to rid homes of pests for over one hundred years. The term has come to be associated with exterminators, especially in the United States. In fact, there are literally hundreds of exterminators in the U.S., many of whom are highly trained in the use of various pesticides. It has become a very lucrative business to be a pest exterminator. There are several pest exterminator training schools that will give you hands-on experience in exterminating pests. They will also train you to use the correct and specific tools, chemicals and equipment that will allow you to completely eradicate all insects in your home and apartment.

The term exterminator is generally associated with large cities, however it is not unheard of to work in a small rural area or city as well. Smaller towns have exteriors that can handle a good amount of insect infestation. These areas also have smaller homes that have been designed to accommodate the growth of termites. As termites can infest an entire home, they can cause considerable damage. It’s often best to hire a company that specializes in residential pest control in smaller communities that have termite infestations, since they have the appropriate equipment, chemicals and training.

Residential pest exterminator companies specialize in a specific type of pest. The termite Exterminator works with these pests. You should choose an exterminator that has a proven track record of exterminating termites in your home. This can include experience with getting rid of specific pests such as ants, flies, bed bugs and roaches.

Another pest that has been gaining popularity as an exterminator is the rodent Exterminator. They have many options for trapping the rodents. They commonly use traps to catch mice or other types of rodents. These are non-reactive to humans and are not harmful to humans.

Residential pest control companies that do residential pest control also have an option to use a process called baiting to kill pests. This process uses bait that is made of cornstarch. This bait traps the rodents and then traps them on the outside of the traps. The bait is then eaten by the rats to lure them into the trap. This process is the most popular way for pest extermination in residential areas.